onsdag 15 oktober 2014

The Lost Empires

Some new pieces for my Lost Empires Project


tisdag 14 oktober 2014

måndag 11 augusti 2014

onsdag 23 juli 2014

The Lost Empires

Some new ideas on what direction I´m thinking of taking my project "the Lost Empires". Stay tuned ;)

tisdag 15 juli 2014

Law & order

Trying out some new techniques, much fun and much faster ;)
(click on the image for full screen)

tisdag 24 juni 2014


Some new concepts for my Lost Empires project, trying to come up with a design on Horus that i like

onsdag 28 maj 2014


Finished another piece, this one gave me some trouble but was very fun working on and i felt that i learnt a lot! think I´m going to do some more of these bank robbery scenes, great fun!


Practicing environments and production paintings lately and here is two new pics, more coming! :)

onsdag 23 april 2014

söndag 13 april 2014


some new environment pieces for my the lost empires project.


tisdag 8 april 2014


My entry for Trojan Horse was a Unicorn contest, great fun working on this!  


lördag 1 mars 2014

tisdag 11 februari 2014

lördag 8 februari 2014

Lost Empires

i've been working on a personal project on my spare time, this will be an ongoing project that will focus on lost civilizations and trying to recreate them, with some artistic freedom of course. im starting off with the old Egyptian empire and here are three ceremonial guards, each guarding temples dedicated to the gods

torsdag 16 januari 2014

new stuff

here are some of the stuff i've been up to the last months, various finished stages of concept for an indie game that at the moment is put on hold, anyway it have been a blast working on this project so far :D!